Five half-marathons, four 5k races, three sprint triathlons, two 10k races, and one full marathon. All in one year, and all in memory of someone who never knew she was strong.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decide What to Be and Go Be It

Wise words from the Avett Brothers.  I decided a while ago to be a healthy person and a runner. And who woulda thunk it, but I am actually doing it.  While I have my lapses both in resolve and in numbers, what I keep thinking about is this past Thanksgiving weekend when I ran many, many miles.

On Sunday, I ran almost 7 miles without walking.  And then, (before the muscle breakdown at mile 11) I was only really walking 30 seconds at a time before picking back up and running a couple miles.  The day finished with 13.1.  I guess I have to keep repeating it because it seems so surreal.  I have never run that far without stopping.  Not even as a kid. Or a skinny college-age person.

Today, the uber-professional grey slacks I bought in July (when I went from freelance to full-time consultant and was trying to look like a grownup) were falling off of me at the office.  I am going to run them through the dryer to see if it helps.  (Sadly, this did not mean that the awesome Banana jeans from the basket of pants pull up all the way yet, but still.)

I feel almost ready to break my Skirt Sports running skirt back out for a race.  I wore one that was a little too big for the Denver Rock and Roll half, and I had the feeling all day that people were looking at me funny, like, "What is a big girl like that doing wearing a little running skirt?"  (yes, the demons get me sometimes and I talk myself into thinking that other people are judging me and my giant legs, when, of course, they probably couldn't give a crap about me)  I have two other Skirt Sports skirts that fit, but that I have deemed too short to wear until I lose 20 pounds. I carry all of my weight in my thighs, and at over 6 feet tall need a few extra inches to cover the hail damage.  I have an Athleta skirt that I love because it is a "Tall" size, however, unlike the properly engineered Skirt Sports skirts, the Athleta undershorts are chafing machines.  Seriously, that skirt has literally made my inner thighs bleed.  Shorts are out of the question for thighs like mine, and I am sick of capris. I am going to race in a Skirt Sports skirt.  SOON!  Maybe even January soon.  I'll post pictures and get opinions. I'll let you guys tell me whether I am a fool for even considering leaving the house in a running skirt, or whether I look like a supermodel who really should quit this whole diet and running charade before I get too skinny.

Weigh-in tomorrow!  Woop!


  1. It sounds like you're doing GREAT! I find that, for whatever reason, actually doing what you've decided to do can be the hardest thing in the world, so I'm super proud of you. And I'm so glad that other people have to fend off the same demons that I do! :)

  2. I say do what makes you feel good and the heck with the rest of them!:) I don't think I'll ever be comfortable in anything but my long tri/bike shorts or capris, and even then I don't want to see an action shots...almost died when I saw the video from the run at the Iron Girl not pretty! LOL!

  3. I think you should race in the skirt and follow Julie's advice!

  4. I think it's so awesome and inspirational to hear that you started out not being a runner, and that now you can go for 7 miles without walking! For a beginner like me, it's great to be reminded that it IS possible to work up to that. I'm looking forward to joining the ranks. :)

    PS Definitely wear what you want to wear. You only live once. Besides, you'll be running so quickly that they'll barely even glimpse you. ;)