Five half-marathons, four 5k races, three sprint triathlons, two 10k races, and one full marathon. All in one year, and all in memory of someone who never knew she was strong.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Went to acupuncture for the first time today. 35 minutes and 125 dollars later, I walked out of there without pain for the first time in over a year.  I literally limped in and could have scampered out like a happy little bunny.  Knowing the results, I would have paid several times that.  Two more sessions at half that price, and I will supposedly be cured. I feel like I am almost there.  YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!  And also, crazy.  Some of the weirdest feelings I have ever had, especially when she hooked up the electric pulse-y thing that made my butt fat jiggle around.  I felt it moving and started laughing, half embarrassed, half shocked at what those tiny needles could do.  I kinda wish she would have videotaped it.  I might just be willing to subject myself to some embarrassing cellulite over-exposure in the name of YouTube entertainment.  Anonymously, obv.

Anyway, I am super excited to embark on this week of running, topped off with Saturday's half marathon.  Lookin' for a PR in race 14 out of 15 and a fun day with my awesome husband.

Weigh in is in 2 days.  The post-Thanksgiving weigh in is a danger zone, but I think I'll cover the spread. :)


  1. Glad to hear it worked for you!! Acupuncture has helped me a lot, always glad to hear other people have found a good practitioner as well.

  2. Yea, I am glad the acupuncture is working!

  3. Fabulous! I've been very curious about acupuncture. So glad it has worked for you.