Five half-marathons, four 5k races, three sprint triathlons, two 10k races, and one full marathon. All in one year, and all in memory of someone who never knew she was strong.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Manic Monday

The day started at 7AM.  It would normally start at 5:30 except that my alarm didn't go off.  I rushed out of bed, still feeling kinda crappy, showered and was off to work in an outfit that I wasn't satisfied with, but after four go-arounds with the contents of my closet, I was going to be late on the first day of an insane week. (VEGAS on Friday...wooop!) I had to settle.

My co-workers were avoiding me, not because of my lame outfit apparently, but because word got around that I'd been sick last week.  I imagine that they'd sprayed my cubicle with Lysol in my absence; it smelled kinda lemon fresh.  I skipped my usual morning yogurt and instead munched on the dry fiber cereal that I normally toss in it. Dairy sounded horrible while I was still congested. Soup and baked chips for lunch and a fiber bar, handful of nuts, and handful of wheat thins (in a moment of weakness) for an afternoon snack. It's a rest day, so I worked late then rushed home to the dogs and the chores, smirking as my phone alarm went off at 5:30PM. (duh!) That's when it hit me.  No real groceries in the house, no real desire to cook in my dead-tired, still-weakened state.  Now what?  How can I do takeout and still keep with my new resolve?  The answer?  Ummm, what it's always been.  Moderation.

Mike picked up Papa Murphy's Take n Bake Thin Crust Veggie DeLite.  160 calories a slice.  I had two and then filled the rest of my plate with garden salad and Newman's Own Light Balsamic for total dinner calories of 423.  For PIZZA!  Total intake for the day 1474.  Score!!

What do you go for when you're too harried to cook but not willing to cheat?

Tomorrow calls for 4 miles, last run before the half mary on the Hoover Dam on Saturday!


  1. p.s. The word I just had to verify to post that comment above was cootie. No shit.

  2. I love keeping a few thin crust pizzas in the freezer for just such occasions. Always buy them in multiples when they go on sale.

    I also keep a good stock of buckwheat soba noodles along with the 2-3 ingredients to make it just the way I like it (see my Oct 18th post). Once the pot of water is boiling, the dish is ready in 4 mins!

  3. I love Papa Murphys pizza for the same reason you mentioned. They have a thin de-lite crust and they actually use veggies other than green peppers, mushrooms and onions. My favorite is the chicken artichoke bacon delite pizza. However, I switch the artichoke for zuchini. Yummmy!!!

  4. Love the moderation! So hard to do. Pat yourself on the back kiddo!