Five half-marathons, four 5k races, three sprint triathlons, two 10k races, and one full marathon. All in one year, and all in memory of someone who never knew she was strong.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am sitting here in the midst of a dilemma.  I have my next half marathon on deck, a mere ten days away.  It is the Colfax Marathon, and I have really been looking forward to it because it starts in my neighborhood (right where we're having our wedding, actually), and it practically runs by the house.  Here, though is my problem.  For the past four weeks, I have been nursing an injury, and then on top of that, I got a cold that at first seemed minor, but then settled in for a 14 day stay in my chest, bringing with it a horrific cough and shortness of breath.  Today, I am going to the gym, and that will be the first time I work out at all in almost two weeks, besides playing golf (not really a workout in my book).  I have not run in almost three weeks.  I am still under the weather and feeling vastly unprepared and nervous about this race.

Mike told me last night that he thinks I should forfeit this race and find another to sign up for in its place, a little further along in the year, and when I am better prepared and trained.  He expressed worry that having a bad time would be discouraging to me (it definitely wouldn't make me happy) and that he thought it seemed wrong to push for it when I am still teetering on the edge of an injury, especially right before our wedding and the mini-honeymoon where we hope to hike the Grand Canyon for a couple days.

I am not sure what to do.  I have already paid for the race, so I feel like I need to do it, but yes, having another 3 hour time would probably make me feel bad, like everything I have worked for since my last half (disaster) and since I decided to embark on this entire journey was in vain.  I am not as worried about the injury as I am about the fact that my breathing still sounds like the beginning of a Mucinex commercial, the part where the little green guys are still making their home in the guy's chest. I am super frustrated right now, mostly because it seems as if I've hit nearly every possible obstacle in the past five months.  But, what has come out of it is that I really don't feel defeated by these things.  I just feel challenged.  And this whole ordeal is supposed to be challenging to start with, so who am I to say?  I need suggestions.  And help.

I know I will meet my goal either way, but what should I do?  Reschedule another race and let this one go?  Or get out there with little expectation and try not to get hurt? ARRRRGGH! I would love some insight!

In addition, I would like to thank my first few donors for my Girls on the Run fundraising efforts, and I would also like to thank Jamie from Fitness Insights, Christi from Pedestrian Runner, and my good friend Kristina (an awesome IronMan) from Ditch the Tiara.  Your help and suggestions for all of my issues have been helping immensely.  I'll get there!

I have linked all of their blogs, so check them out.  Totally inspiring, and inspiration is what I'm after.  Now, off to massage my own backside with a tennis ball, then hit the gym.


  1. Hmmmm.... my two cents, for what they're worth: I would suggest forfeiting this race in your MIND, and walk it. Walk it not as a race, but as an excuse to move your body. Being around that many other people, each with their own challenges, will provide some inspiration, right? Don't push your injury and your wheezing chest, it won't be worth it. So go ahead and sign up for another one that you'll have more time to prepare for. But since you've already paid for this one, use it as a training opportunity. Good luck, Cara!

  2. I would tend to agree with Michelle. Use the race as a training opportunity. The perfect training run/walk since you will have spectators and support. Plus, if you hit a point where you can't go on you can stop. Then add a new race later in the year and rock it!!!!

    Thanks for the shout out!

  3. I agree with above (and Mike) - walk it or don't go. If you don't take care of your health and get your injury healed, it will do more than derail this one half-mary. Your adventure encompasses more than the Colfax marathon, gotta keep the whole picture in perspective.

  4. I agree to forfeit as well. Your injury and sickness could get worse from it and you dont want that for your wedding or anyday but especially for your wedding. There are tons of halves....yes you have paid for it monetarily but you will end up paying more in the long run if you feel like shit and hurt yourself! Good luck but just stay true to yourself!

  5. CARA! You are too kind girl...thanks for the rockstar recognition. So,naturally I have some thoughts on your situation - NOT dilemma (dilemma is too negative a notion!) This entire year is focused on goals, right? However, there's more to it than's about the journey...from day to day, month to month, race to race. If you're injured or really sick, don't jeapordize your health. However, if you're feeling pretty good next weekend, embark on the 'journey' and go for it. Run it. Walk it. Skip it. Make it a relay and have 4 or 5 friends meet up with you at various points so they can walk WITH you. There's no reason you have to do this alone. Get a tshirt made - something fun. Stop along the way, meet new people, advertise your message... whatever it is. Who gives a shit about your time - I assure you, that race course is NOT the fastest so even if you did feel 100% you may not have gotten a PR if the weather is like it has been in the past (HOT!) Set yourself up for success girl. Don't make this about time. Not right now. I'll be out there running the full and I am doing it to 'just do it.' Because. I. Can. and so can you. Make it an adventure. Make it an EXPERIENCE worth remembering and smiling about. Be proud of yourself no matter what you do (run, walk or not participate.) No one is judging you. So,there's no need for you to be harsh on yourself, ok? xoxox

  6. Your upcoming wedding and honeymoon are only going to happen once. The race you can reschedule. Let it go Cara, you'll find another race when you are better prepared. Let your body heal and love yourself no matter what.

    btw, I LOVE that chair! :)