Five half-marathons, four 5k races, three sprint triathlons, two 10k races, and one full marathon. All in one year, and all in memory of someone who never knew she was strong.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Marathon That Stole Christmas

My weigh in was up two pounds.

I had a sudden and super-painful onset of Plantar Fasciitis at mile 11 of our 18 mile run on Sunday.  I couldn't finish because of the pain.  I was feeling and running so well, and had to stop. 

Missed two runs this week because of the same issues. ( foot is feeling a bit better today, so that is good)

Have a ten miler on Saturday that I'm still planning on, but feeling tentative about. (Do I do the 18 miler instead, if I can, even knowing that 20 is next week?  Or do I stick to the schedule and write the 18 miler off? Anyone?)

If I am tentative about a ten-miler, you can imagine my feelings about the looming 26.2. 

Feeling blah and Scroogey and pissed at myself for eating way too much during the holiday ridiculousness. I need to be leaner for this race.  Dragging 200 pounds of me that far is going to suck.

I am working crazy hours this week as I get closer to a huge January deadline at work.

The holidays have me in a funk this year for some reason.  It makes me miss my mom and her crazy Christmas schemes and traditions. And that laugh of hers.  Dammit.

Please put me on pause for a couple more days to get ahold of myself. 
I will be back and will be strong.  I am just having an off week. 


  1. I really want to say something profound and smart that will make you feel better but words escape. I know how you are feeling because I have been there on many occasions. Just remember that no matter what you can conquer anything and that we in blogger-land are behind you 100%!

  2. This is just my opinion, but I would stick to the schedule and do the 10 miles this weekend. Your body will welcome the rest. Then if you feel up to it, go for the 20 miler the week after. Back to back weekends with long runs will probably do more harm than good. Again, this only my opinion. I agree w/ Christy, you can conquer anything and we are behind you 100%.

  3. What they said....and a hug. Holidays are hard, training for a marathon, work deadlines and the holidays...yea that's a lot to take on.

    And another cyber :hug:

  4. In person hugs are in your immediate future (well, tomorrow is immediate, right? ).

  5. I would do the ten miler. I live by the rule...when in doubt between a longer and shorter run, always do the shorter run. This is for injury preventing and over training purposes.